CAPABILITIES: Complete field (on-site) precision cutting, pipe end machining, line boring, drilling, flange facing and surface milling. Engineering and project management. On-site heat treatment of pressure vessels, structural steel, heat exchangers, piping and fabricated weldments. Complete sales and service of heat treating equipment, (i.e. controllers, heating pads, thermocouples, extension cables, chart recorders, insulation pads, etc.) Temporary and permanent furnace design and installation.

PROJECT ENGINEERING AND MANAGEMENT: Defining the client's heat treating and or machining requirements. Conceptual design and planning using the latest technology. Budgeting and budget estimating. Planning and Scheduling. Cost Control. Preparation and design of contract. Procurement and expediting. Quality Assurance Preparation of procedures Structured and documented

SAFETY PROGRAM: We have designed and Implemented a widely excepted safety program which has contributed to our industrial leading safety record.

TRAINING PROGRAM We have developed and implemented our own training program to certify and insure that our technicians have the necessary skills an knowledge to perform and complete their job in an competent and safe manner.

Qualifications: The following codes and specifications are adhered to as required and in conjunction with any other customer certified requirements.

ANSI America National Standards Institute

API American Petroleum Institute

ASTM American Society for Testing and Material

ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers

NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association