Serving the Heavy Industry for More Than 15 Years

We Offer Exceptional Field Machining and Heat Treating Solutions


Serving the Heavy Industry for More Than 15 Years

We Offer Exceptional Field Machining and Heat Treating Solutions


Never Worry About Operational Delays Again

When on-site machining and heat treating needs arise in the heavy industries, our company has you covered. Whether it’s a planned shutdown, new construction, or unforeseen emergency repair, Mechanical Support Services in Hilliard, Ohio is the company you can trust for a prompt solution to your problem.

What We Do

Mechanical Support Services provides a staff of highly skilled, competent, and motivated field machinists and heat treatment technicians. Whether you require simple or extreme technical and precise procedure, our proven track record in specialty machining and various applications of heat treating allows us to recognize problems and implement solutions before they materialize. We also provide our services to:

  • Electrical Power Plants
  • Mining Companies
  • Gas Cogen Plants
  • Refineries
  • Pulp and Paper Producers
  • Metal Processing Companies
  • Ship Repairs
  • Fabrication Facilities

Save Time and Money With Our Services

Since we provide two essential services for most outages, they eliminate the need for contractors to seek separate bids for their machining and heat treating needs. The combination of our services cuts down on both pre and post-outage time and money, providing us with an advantage in case unexpected problems arise.

In the increasingly complex world of the power, fabricating, refinery, and petrochemical industries, services like precision field cutting, machining, weld, preheating, and post-weld heat treating have become an integral part of regular construction operations. With that, timely and efficient service with equipment that reflects the latest technological advances can provide these industries with tremendous time and cost savings.

Connect With Us

If you would like to learn more about our on-site machining and heat treating services, drop us a line today. We will be more than happy to answer all your questions and concerns.